Everyone Loses in 2,000 Page, $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill

The saddest part may be that not only did it pass, but it passed with a near veto proof majority with 65 senators and 256 house representatives.

More Tariffs On China: Doubling Down On Bad Policy

After a round of steel and aluminum tariffs (clear shots at China with almost every other major exporter nation being protected by immunity) rocked the markets, President Trump doesn’t seem done pounding them with export fees.

VIDEO: Mass Shootings, Gun Control and the Failure of the State

It’s difficult to have civil discussions amid mass hysteria, especially following a heartbreaking tragedy and before the facts come to light. When it comes to something like the school shooting that happened last week in Parkland, Florida, immediately, people jump to their sides of the fence and claim the moral high ground.